Houston Event Photography provides a full range of accident reconstruction
services to our clients in conjunction with private investigators, attorneys and engineers whom we represent.

Those services are detailed below. If you own a business and one of your drivers has been involved in an accident it is critical to your business
to have the accident throughly investigated and documented by a non-bias investigator as quickly as possible
even if you are not at fault. We provide the following services.

Quick response to photograph the accident scene or testifying to the jury on
cause factors, our staff and experts are on the job to help clients
document, understand and present the facts.

The sequence of services are as follows:

· Quick Response to the scene of the accident to document the environment,
landmarks, ground scars, vehicle paths and any other important

· Diagramming of the site to preserve important positional information and create a site diagram

· Inspection of involved equipment or vehicles to determine failures,
damage, damage patterns and direction and important

· Analysis of photos, video, statements, documentation and other research

· Testing of vehicles, equipment or components as required to explore
and verify or deny, hypotheses

· Reporting findings in written form

· Testifying as required to explain our findings and opinions

Our staff are all current or retired law enforcement officers whom themselves have
investigated hundreds of accidents during their careers. They also are certified accident
reconstruction investigators who have been trained at some of the finest reconstruction
schools in the country. Our forensic photographers are also current or retired law enforcement officers who have been professionally trained
and can accurately photograph or video tape a crime scene.

Here are some examples of the types of photography they can provide.

Our photographers specialize in:

- Close-Up (macro) Photography
- Crime Scene Overview Photographs

- Painting with Light for Night Time Photographs
- Photo Documentation
- Stop-Action Photography
- Forensic Documentation
- Digital Format Cameras

accident scene investigation