High School Reunion Photography



We're glad you are here.
Hopefully I can answer a few questions you might have about our high school reunion photography.

Most of the questions we get are generally the same. Below are a few of them.

1. Do you charge to come out to or reunion?

Yes and No. We don't provide photography on the speculation that we will make a profit. To bring our staff and equipment out cost us money so we need to make
a profit to be able to continue in business. Below we explain a way to have us come out and let the cost be shared by the attendees.

2. How much does it cost then?

We have general package prices that we will mail or email you on request. We have found that the best way for everyone to be happy is to offer a free photo
with the cost included in the reunion ticket price. This way everyone will most likely participate in getting their portrait taken during your event. It helps us by insuring us that we will be
able to provide our services to you for free or at a reasonable cost.

It also helps you as the event planner or reunion committee because we will give you a disk of the images taken so you can use them for
your next reunion. After they receive their free photo they can always purchase additional prints or packages.

2. What services can we provide?

We can provide all of you reunion photography needs. We can take group and individual photos, we can walk around and take party pictures,
print the portraits taken at our portrait station out instantly, and in some cases have a book printed afterwards of all the images taken during the reunion that we offer for sale.

3. What do we need to do to get on your schedule?

We need you to call us so we can speak to you about yours needs and then we can suggest a plan that best suits them. After that we will send you our contract for services
that needs to be filled out and returned to us so we can add you to the schedule. That's it.


Please give us a cal and we will gladly help you arrange your photography needs.