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Hello and welcome to Houston Event Photography. We are glad that you have visited our home on the web.

We provide photography service for corporate, business, schools, conference, trade show, social and private parties.

Houston Event Photography started in Lake Jackson, Texas as Scott Wilson Studio and moved into the Houston Area in 1983 serving the Friendswood and Clear Lake area. We later partnered with TLS Graphics Inc. a full service commercial printer and awards business and provided there commercial clients with our photography services.

Over the years we have seen both growth and expansion into more and more areas of photography. We are members of the Professional Photographer of America, Texas Professional Photographer Association and Wedding & Portrait Photographers International.

In the last nine years we have been transitioning into the new and rapidly growing field of digital photography.

We switched from film based photography for the most part into digital which has many advantages over film for our sytle of Instant photography.

The biggest advantage is you are able to view and print them instantly as they are taken. With digital there is no need to have the film processed by a photo lab before you can see the results so digital is ecologically safe to our environment as there are no wasted materials such as film and chemicals. This cost saving is also passed onto our customers.

Another advantage is digital files can be easily enhanced and retouched by computer to remove unwanted areas from the photograph such as blemishes, wrinkles, and backgrounds which sometimes saves time and money.

Digital files can be printed on regular photographic paper just like film based cameras only better becase digital files are first generation images and not copies or negatives with have no loss of detail when printed.

FIlm based photos are what we call second generation images which means they have been copied at least once in the process of development (from negative projected onto paper) which can cause some loss of detail in the photograph.

Digital files can be saved and sent instantly to anyone in the world.

Archiving these files is another advantage. They are stored on Compact Disk which are stated to last much longer than film. They also require less space to store. We will also sell copies of the Compact Disk with all of your photographs to you for an additional charge and in some cases it's free.

The real advantage is digital files can be used for just about any media format from web graphics to high resolution commercial printing.

Houston Event Photography has produced photographs for many occasions over the years but switched to Business and Event photography in 1999 which is a segment of photography that we really enjoy being a part of.

We offer instant portraits that are printed on-site which can be taken home within minutes of your portrait being taken. We also can place them on our secure web site so that you and your guests may purchase them later at your convenience. We use only the finest labs which process your portraits on Kodak ® , Fuji , and Epson products which are names that can be trusted.

If you have an event coming up we would love for you to consider us as your photographer. "We are sure you will be pleased with our prices and service".


Scott Wilson


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