Charity and Goodwill Photography

Hello my name is Scott Wilson and I own Houston Event Photography.
I have worked as a professional photographer now for over 30 years and
during my life I have worn many career hats.

As a young man I worked as a paramedic
in Monroe, Louisiana and I was assigned to a very new type of
ambulance that traveled throughout many states carrying a medical
team of pioneer doctors and nurses to rural hospitals where patients had arrived
whom either already delivered their babies or where about to deliver them many months premature.
I witnessed many heartbreaks and happiness and always wished there was something else I could do
for the families during this time in their lives.

After reading about an organization that offers "Free"
photography services to families who have critically ill or terminal Ill family members
I said to myself "I can do that" so I decided that I would offer this service to anyone
in the Houston area who might want to document or photograph your loved ones whom are having to deal with a
family members who are critically ill or terminally ill.

If you or someone you know might like to have their loved ones photographed
then please call me and I will discreetly and professionally offer my services to them at no cost.

Please Contact Me at