Corporate Event, Awards, Party and Candid Photography

Corporate Event Photography , Awards Ceremony Photography , and Corporate and Social Event Photography
has been one of the main focus areas at Houston Event Photography since our beginning 30 years ago.
We have been fortunate to be part of many of Houston's biggest events.
If you are planning any type of event and need a professional photographer please give us a call.


We send our photographers to your event armed with state of the art professional digital cameras to capture candid shots of your guests and speakers. These cameras are capable of recording the images as large as 16.9 MB each. This size would be for a very specific use such as publications or very large blowups of the image. Typically the images are recorded at 1.3 or 2.8 MB each. The photos can be taken outdoors with natural light, indoors with on-camera flash, or in more of a portrait setting using studio lighting. After capture each picture can be reviewed my our photographers on a computer display or on camera preview screen. The photographer is capable of saving or deleting the images in the camera as he chooses, thus insuring the best overall results.

The images can also be printed on-site during the event and distributed to the guests. The digital photo process produces very high quality prints and are capable of printing multiple prints per pose to accommodate groups. The images may be printed in a variety of sizes and may be in color, black & white, or sepia tone. In addition the images may be saved in the computer for later use. Service offered might include the creation of one or more CD's, uploading to our website to be part of a portrait gallery that the attendees can access, creating a digital slide show, or making the prints after the event.

The computer technicians can add to each print a corporate logo for brand recognition,or a custom designed magazine cover template, event ID, graphics such as tiki birds for outdoor events, or patriotic symbols for political events. We can even slip President Bush in next to a guest pictured inside your convention booth or other special event.

Let Houston Event Photography capture your next event using high quality digital candid photography!