Military and Charity Photography in Houston, Texas

We are proud of our men and women who serve in our armed services and would like to show or gratitude by providing them with a portrait for their families. If you or someone you know is about to be deployed we would love to provide them with a complimentary portrait session and free 8x10 portrait.

Please call and make your appointment as soon as possible before you are deployed


As a way of "Thanks" for serving our great country I would like to invite you to have a "Indoor or Outdoor Portrait" taken of you or
a family loved one who is in the military and about to be deployed into harms way.

I have been blessed in my business and personal life and I want to give back to my community.
I have asked myself many times how can I do this? Well I often overlook that I have a talent that "GOD" has given
me that will allow me to give back that will last someone a lifetime. By giving your family a portrait of yourself
you allow your family to see you when you cannot be there for them.

So what's the catch? Absolutely nothing. All I ask of you is that you make an appointment and meet me at a location close to
my home pr at my studio so I don't have to travel very far. What you get in return is a "Free" 8x10 color portrait or two 5x7 portraits for your
family to have on display while you are deployed away from home.

That's It. A little of your time is all it will cost you.

Call or Email Me Today For Your Appointment