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Houston Event Photography is the most reliable and affordable Houston based green screen photography company in Houston and our 40 year business record speaks for itself.
We have photographed thousands of green screen events for clients large and small.

We don't use generic backgounds that come with some of the cheap software that other photography companies use. We custom design each of our backgorunds
to match theme of your green screen photography event.

When you are shopping for a green screen photographer to do a event in Houston save yourself some money and make sure you are using a local company. Many
of the businesses that claim they do green screen photography or just hiring sub-contractors to do their work. Why pay extra for that mark up? HIre us and you are working directly
with your photographer not someone who is going to hire someone else.

Many of the photographers you will find while searching the internet for a Houston green screen photographer are not local nor do they have the experience
and equipment to handle the job and end up subcontracting us to do their work. Save yourself some money and call us first.

We are a local business that has been in business for over 40 years and
has been doing green screen photography for over 17 years now. All of our photographers are mature fulltime professional photographers and take pride in our work.
We are fully insured and can provide references and certificates of insurance for any event venue.

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Green Screen Photography

What is Green Screen Photography?

Green Screen or Chroma Key Photography is a process where Houston Event Photography photographs you against a special green or blue backdrop and then digitally impose that image onto a custom made back ground or border that we design just for you.
Houston Event Photography was one of the pioneer companies to start using green screen photography technology when it first became available and have been improving our techniques for over 17 years.
We are a local business that supports our community and many local charities. We fill it is important to support our local economy.
We always use the latest equipment and software and now have the best green screen technology available anywhere.
We have a selection of stock green screen backgrounds however for most clients we custom design a green screen background for your specific event which includes your
Event Name, Sponsors or Company Logo, and Any Other Company Branding You Desire.
Personalized branding on your photos is a great way to get noticed by your clients or guests.
Our chroma key green screen photography technology can put you and your guests right into a scene depicting the theme of the event and we print them out instantly as we take them.
Green screen photography makes it appear as though they are really there. Give your clients and guests a gift print that can be taken home immediately.
This is a great way to promote your business or event and is very popular at conventions and trade shows.
Send potential clients home with a gift they will keep and always have your company branding visible.
We can also directly upload them to our website where they can be instantly viewed and downloaded by your clients or guest and used on their social network applications such as Face book and Twitter.


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