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We are looking for high school senior representatives for the "Class of 2008"

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What about our school album pictures? Unfortunately most schools often contract with one photographer and they are usually the lowest bidder and have to give kick backs to the school. They also have to photograph everyone at the school in the same pose for the yearbook. Do you have to use them? Unfortunately in Texas you usually have to let them take the yearbook shot.

They usually do their sittings for free or a very small fee depending on your school. Will they want you to buy their pictures? Of Course, but you don't have too.

They will never be able to produce or create the quality of portraits independent professional senior portrait photographers can produce. Why? because they are usually inexperienced cookie cutter photographers. They don't usually have the time or experience to produce quality portraits indoors or outdoors. They make everyone do the same poses using the same lighting. Want a outdoors portrait? Forget it with the school photographer. What about a unique pose or blend? Nope. They are only looking to take traditional looking school yearbook pictures.

And in my experience they usually charge more for their prints then professional portrait studios and the quality is not as good. When you receive your notice about your yearbook pictures this year go and have them take your yearbook photo but request they only do your "cap & gown" portrait.