Barnum Wedding

This wedding took place in Galveston, Texas and the couple had flown in from Canada and they called me last minute to photograph their wedding. Unfortunately they were delayed arriving so the wedding took place around 9 pm at night in the middle of winter. The wedding was held aboard a private bed & breakfast yacht and unfortunately it was so foggy that I was unable to photograph much of the ceremony becasue of visibility. I immedately hit it off with this couple after meeting them and agreed to come back the next morning and shoot some more pictures for them at no additional charge so they could have their memories captured. The next day was again a strange day with parts of the island completely fogged in and other parts sunny & bright. We had fun and made the best of the situation.

They wanted to dress casual for their wedding and as these photographs show they did. The brides dress was actually a sun dress bought at a surf shop. It was really fun being part of their wedding and to see such "True Love" in their facial expressions and actions.