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Frequently Asked Questions

How long has Houston Event Photography been in business?

We started our professional photography business in 1976 in Lake Jackson, Texas and moved into the Houston area in 1983 were we became a division of TLS Graphics Inc. and Scott Wilson Studios. Our Biography can be read here.

What Type of Photography Service Do You Offer?

Houston Event Photography is a full service photography company who has been serving the Houston Galveston area since 1976. We provide event photography for high and small volume events, Corporate Events, Trade shows , Conventions, Corporate Headshots, Executve Portraits, Green Sceen Photography, Santa Photos, Daycare Photos, Golf Tournaments, Youth Sports Team, Individual and Action Photos, Holiday Parties, and Instant On Site Printing.

Do you offer on-site printing?


Yes we do. We also capture digitally so that you may preview your photos immediately. We also can make custom digital backgrounds and borders sometimes called "Green Screen" which personalize your event. There may be a setup charge for digital back grounds and borders depending on how difficult they may be to create. Please ask we may have a stock border or background which will work for your event.

Most on-site digital photographers are printing on Epson, Canon or other inkjet printers. Some of these prints fade over a short period of time and water easily damages them. What do you use?

We use the Thermal Dye Sublimation Photo Printers . The print paper looks and feels like a photograph should and is archival, waterproof and UV coated meaning it will last as long as a traditional light sensitive print. This printer uses original photo paper material which provides the finest photographs available today. All on-site prints an be printed on glossy or matte finish.


What are the advantages of using digital cameras?


Are these digital images capable of being used in a publication or web site?

Yes. And, we can transmit them to you via e-mail, ftp or supply them on CD depending on the need. Final image sizes can reach 100 megabytes or larger at 8x10, 300 dpi so they will be supplied on CDs in TIFF or EPS format. For publication printing most commercial printers want images saved in TIFF or EPS format. Web images can be saved in much smaller and compressed formats such as JPG or GIF at 72 DPI which can be easily e-mailed to you.

Are the quality of digital cameras as good as film?

I feel that the quality is in modern digital cameras is better than film cameras depending on the situation or event you are using them for. In some situations film still has it's advantages but digital has caught up and l feel soon that film will be falling behind compared to most professional digital cameras.

We make 40" X 60" prints using my cameras that I can say were far better than what I would have expected if I had been using film.

If you are digital shouldn't it be less expensive than film based photography?

No, just because we use digital it is not cheaper than film. There are many reasons including equipment cost and post processing time.We tweak almost every image in post processing. We adjust color balance and make minor improvements and adjustments to our images . For every hour shooting I would say there is at least an hour in post processing. In studio situations most of this post processing can be eliminated because we can make minor adjustments while we work were we control our environment and lighting, but in when we are in the field this is almost impossible to control all the variables that can happen so we post process most of our event photos.

When we used film there were also things happening behind the scene that most people were not aware of that cost money. Labs did all of our post processing and charged us for doing what we can now do ourselves. And I feel we do a better more creative job by keeping control of our work ourselves.

Why is your digital camera better than my friends or "Uncle Bob's" who also wants to take my pictures?

I get asked this all of the time. Most consumer digital cameras are capable of making excellent snapshots and some can even produce excellent prints. I even use them for my snapshots when I am out with my friends. Now day some pepple even have professional level DSLR cameras. But usually the cameras that professional photographers use are far superior in image quality. The cameras cost more and pixels are larger and sharper than the consumer DSLR cameras that most people are buying today.

Also the glass in the lens is not professional quality glass. A lens for professional cameras can cost many times more than the camera body itself. I have lens that cost as little as $400.00 and as much as $10000.00 and like we have all been told "You get what you pay for". That is true when you hire a reputable professional for you event.

How many photos can you produce at an event?

Our 8x10 printers are capable of producing up to 100 per hour. Our 5x7 printers are capable of producing up to 200 prints per hour. Our 4x6 printers are capable of producing up to 250-300 prints per hour.

Even though our printers are capable of producing this many prints per hour many variables can effect how many prints we can produce per hour such as management of the photo line, posing, prop useage, alcohol comsumption by guest, weather and many other things can slow our process down.

We can discuss your event with you and recommend extra portrait stations and photographers for larger events if we feel that it is warranted.

Do you print each person a photo?

We may take hundreds of photos during your event and try to print all of the formal posed portraits while we are on location so they can be taken home immediately.
Usually we give one photo to each couple to help keep the wait time down fo each couple wanting to utilize the portarit station experience.

All events can be posted to our eCommerce site for later viewing, social media sharing, and print orders. We also offer a all digital package where we allow each person to visit our eCommerce site and digitally download thier images for self printingand social media sharing.

How many photos do you typically shoot at most events?

We typically shoot several hundred photos per event. This is many times more than we did when we used film. At many of our larger events we exceed 500 or more shots. Some people say we give too many choices but we would rather capture too much than not enough.

What is the maximum print size available on-site?

8 X 10 borderless is the largest print size we can offer on site at the event. We can provide prints up to 24 inches wide in house. Larger prints can be ordered for later delivery by viewing your prints at the event or on the web site after the event.

Are my photographs kept private?

Yes, most events have a password which enables people who were at the event and given the password to view their photographs. Business cards or forms will be handed out during the event with the web address, barcode photo identification number and password on them.

Can I order copies of my photographs?

Yes, we can publish all events on our web site so they can be viewed later for your approval before ordering. On line ordering is easy and convenient using your credit or debit card. Photographs ordered after the event will be produced by a professional photo lab and will be printed on several choices of paper and photo finishes. Photographs will be shipped directly to your mailing address.

Are you insured?

Yes. We carry full coverage professional liability insurance and can provide insurance certificates if needed.


How long do you keep the photographs posted on the web site?

We usually leave them up for at least one year after the event. If needed we can leave them up a little longer.

How much room will you need to photograph our guests?

Generally, we'll need a space no smaller than 12' by 15'. However, 25' by 25' feet is optimum. Click Here To See A Sample Of What We Need For Our Set Up

What other needs do you have?

We need 20 amps of electricity with at least two electrical outlets close to your photo location. We also prefer a controlled light environment where we can turn the ceiling lights down if available. We will also need to have at least two large 8' tables and a couple of chairs to set our equipment up on. Our printers weigh 27 pounds each.

Click Here To See A Sample Of What We Need For Our Set Up

How do you charge for your on-site photography & delivery?

Based upon location, number of prints, number of photographers and photo assistants and how much time we will be required to stay at the event will determine what we charge so please call us for a quote.

Do we offer to let our guest buy their own photos at our event?

If your event is large enough for us to cover our expenses and make a profit selling photographs we may not charge you a financial deposit guarantee for photographing the event. However in some cases we may require a minimum deposit to guarantee we cover our overhead to be part of your event. Once our photo sales meet or exceed the agreed deposit we will gladly refund your deposit. Contact us directly for a quote and more specific information.

Do you provide the skilled talent to operate your photographic equipment?

Yes, we are full-service photographers. All of our staff are fully trained professional photographers.We own our equipment. We do not rent out our systems because of the technical skills necessary to run the computers and software. Properly lighting portraits is a skill not often obtainable by untrained photographers. Our knowledge, expertise and professionalism insure your event will be successful.

What type of events do you cover?

We will cover any kind of event that needs to be photographed. Examples are Banquets, Proms, Dances, Socials, Church Events, Valentine Parties, Weddings, Special Events, Business Events, Runway Modeling, Grand Openings, Charity Events, Santa Pictures, Sports, Schools Events, Dance Recitals, Drill Teams, Cheerleading Events, Parades, Holiday Parties, Dance Recitals and the list goes on and on.

Here are some of the services we provide. Contact us to see how we can solve your photography needs.

Public Relations Coverage: We will cover your event and provide a CD with all of the images in high resolution (300PPI/JPEG Format)

Trade Show Promotion: We will shoot and print on location. Your target audience of trade show attendees will be encouraged to visit your booth once they see others roaming the trade show with this unique premium. A custom designed border with your logo and tag line is included.

Holiday Parties: We will shoot and print on location. Why not reward your employees and their guests with a beautiful 5x7 portrait with a custom border to commemorate the event? Everyone is already dressed up for this important annual social event. They won’t stop talking about these photographs!

International Meetings, Conferences and Convention Photography: We will shoot and print on location. Get the best of both worlds. Hire us to provide professional coverage and we will sell to your conference attendee’s on-location. Everyone, national and international visitors alike want to commemorate their visit to Houston, Texas.

Viewing and Selling Online: We provide the professional coverage for your event and allow your guests to view and purchase their images online.

Here are a few suggested events that we can cover

What other services do you offer?

Film based photography. Most of our events are shot using professional digital cameras but some customers still prefer film based cameras. We still offer this service for those who choose to utilize it. We have equipment to handle just about any need.

What will your photographers & assistants wear?

For conventions, parties and special events, our photographers and assistants are generally dressed in slacks and professional looking company shirts or attire. However, if your company would like us to wear a particular shirt, or type of clothing to match other vendors, we do that as well for an extra charge if we have to purchase the clothing ourselves. Either way, our photographers will look appropriate to your special event.

How do we pay you?

We accept cash, checks or credit cards. We require payment at or before the time service is rendered unless other arraingments have been made.

Again we would love to be of service to you and your organization. If you have other questions please contact us by phone or e-mail and we will promptly answer your questions.

You may contact us at:

Houston Event Photography
PO Box 891411
Houston, Texas 77058

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